John Bel Edwards

Says one thing, but does the opposite.

Do you agree with 

Edwards' Tax Hikes?

Democrat Governor

Meet Johnny Anderson. Governor Edwards’ former deputy for women’s issues and sexual harassment complaints.

But Anderson had already been investigated for sexually harassing six women.

Edwards hired him anyway. It happened again.

Under Governor Edwards, Louisiana is being left behind.


Stood with Hillary

John Bel Edwards supported Hillary Clinton - even after

she called Trump supporters "deplorables".

Edwards: Just another out-of-touch Democrat.

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards is hurting Louisiana. Raising taxes on working families after saying he wouldn’t.

Higher taxes, fewer jobs – That’s Governor Edwards.

Hurting Louisiana

Under Bel Edwards, Louisiana has ranked 44th in the nation for business – 3 years in a row. 

An estimated 55,000 workers have already left – many going next door to Texas.

Great for Texas. Bad for Louisiana

Great for Texas

John Bel Edwards

Says one thing, but does the opposite.

Democrat Governor

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